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Storage Tanks, Automotive Shop Equipment
Fuel Systems, Lubrication Systems, Compressed Air Systems and Vehicle Lift Systems


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A & H Contracting Services Inc can deliver to your door, including full installation and setup of all equipment. A & H Contracting Services provides a full line of equipment for service station and automotive repair industry. We are capable of providing our clients turnkey services from assessment through construction, to providing full maintenance and service equipment needs.



Lubrication Equipment: Bulk Storage Tanks, Oil Reels and Hose Assemblies, Air and Water Dispensing, Meters and Dispensers for Oil, Meters and Dispensers for Lubricants, Product Pumps, Lubrication System Piping, Used Oil Storage Systems
Above Ground Vehicle Lifts and Underground Vehicle Lifts
Compressed Air Systems: Air Compressors, Refrigerated Air Dryers, Air System Piping, Air Hose & Fittings

Vehicle Wash Equipment, Pressure Washers, Reclamation Systems

Wheel Service Equipment: Tire Changers, Wheel Balancers, Alignment Racks, Computer Aligners, Brake Lathe
Automotive Spray Booth Equipment
Miscellaneous Equipment: Light & Electric Cord Reels, Floor Jacks, Engine Stands, Catwalks, Pit Covers, etc




Automatic Fueling Systems Accessories and Automatic Fueling Systems Parts

Control Devices for Motor Fuel Dispensing

Control Devices for Motor Fuel Security

Control Devices for Motor Fuel Management

Fuel Pumps and Fuel Dispensers - Mechanical & Electronic - Commercial & Retail
Gasoline, Diesel & E85 Hoses, Nozzles, Swivels, Breakaways, all accessories
Fuel Leak Detection and Fuel Vapor Monitoring Equipment



Underground Single Wall Fiberglass Strorage Tanks

Underground Double Wall Fiberglass Strorage Tanks

Above Ground Single Wall Steel Storage Tanks for Fuel & Bulk Oil Storage, UL142 and UL2085

Above Ground Double Wall Steel Storage Tanks for Fuel & Bulk Oil Storage, UL142 and UL2085 

Underground Ground Vaulted Tanks and Above Ground Vaulted Tanks
Oil Water Seperators




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