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Fleet Fueling Systems, Service Station Equipment and Automotive Service Equipment to Fleet Maintenance Facilities in Arizona.


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A & H Contracting Services Inc is a well established supplier and installer of all aspects of Fuel Systems, including large or small fleet fueling systems, underground and above ground fuel tanks and dispensing systems, automotive service equipment to Fleet Maintenance Shops of all sizes from retail, commercial and industrial sites throughout the state of Arizona. We also specialize in retrofit & modernization of fleet maintenance equipment and services. A & H Contracting is even better known for its service & long term business relationships. We are proficient in various installation applications in our field of work, be it large companies, municipalities or independent small businesses, we pay attention to detail and individual needs.

We also appreciate the fact that small businesses are the true backbone of Arizona's economy. A & H is proud to help in your ability for providing needed services in your local communities. Free estimates are available.  We offer project drawing and design drawing available. Call us today to see what A & H Contracting Services Inc can do to help increase your business productivity!

A & H Contracting provides and installs Fuel Systems above ground and under ground, the underground storage tank removal (UST's), Fuel Management Systems, Lubrication Systems, Compressed Air Systems and Vehicle Lift systems to Fleet Maintenance Facilities through out Arizona.

We install and service from the finest equipment suppliers in the country such as: American Lubrication Equipment, Lincoln, Bel Aire Compressors, Bennett, Fuel Master, Cardlock Vending (CV), Containment Solutions, Challenger Lifts, Landa, Norco, Rotary,  John Bean and more. We have listed a few of the services and automotive/truck equipment we provide for your company anywhere in the state of Arizona.

       Underground Fuel Systems and Tanks

       Above ground Tank installations

       Underground Fuel System Compliance upgrades

       Fuel Management Systems

       Inventory Control & Monitoring Systems

       Emergency Generator Fuel Support Systems

       Underground storage tank (UST) removals

       Contaminated soil remediation system installations

       Vapor extraction system installation

       Automotive In-ground & Above-ground Vehicle Lift installation and service

       Compressed Air System installation and service

       Lubrication System installation and service 

       Vehicle Wash System installation and service

Also, as part of the installation and service we provide you can always be sure that your equipment is only of the highest quality. We use vendors with equipment lines that are all "certified equipment" from approved organizations such as:   UL, OSHA, ANSI, ETL and the like.


A & H Contracting is always interested in worker protection because it just makes good business sense for us to make sure your workers are safe by giving them protected quality equipment. We know this way you will always be pleased with the installation and service from A & H Contracting Inc which builds a long term satisfying business relationship we both benefit from.


  Estimates available.


We also offer special leasing programs for equipment to help keep your on hand capital free for other areas in your business growth. Call A & H Contracting Services today for complete details at 480-671-1036.

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